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Ditching the drama of turning 30

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On therapy, medication, and insights from 4 years of healing

Harry Benson’s “Pillow Fight” featuring The Beatles

From military to missionary to MBA, here’s what I learned

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash To Becoming A Happier Person

It’s more simple than you think

I see your catchy title, but does it give your readers what you promised

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First big failures are defining, but 5 years later it’s time to go

Five Years Later

  • Traveled to…

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On The Threshold of Transformation

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  • What was the point?
  • Why did he go away?
  • What was the rose about?
  • Why is his rose so important, yet so fickle and scared?
  • Is this some childhood idolatry madness?
  1. adults care way too much about numbers (guilty)
  2. the power of anticipation built through relationship
  3. the humor of thinking you’re truly in…

My last day wearing the uniform

Charles Payne II

I’m an Army Veteran turned business student who writes about the books, faith, life transitions, and decision-making | USA 🇺🇸 to BCN 🇪🇸

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